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[Verse 1: Kevo B]
Legendary with the hustle and flow, bro
Meet the lord of the rings, no Frodo
Sab you should kill beats, this Jo' tho
f*ckin'up the town, Mojo Jojo
Warning, the sh*t that I'm fixin' to spit so sick
You won't know whether to vomit or sh*t
More bars than a county and packin' punchlines break a lil n*gga' torso
PIVOT get it, got it good
Free my n*gga Jimmy Hood, rappin' our way out the hood (Jimmy!)
Real rap, real talk, sh*t real so I do what a real n*gga would
That's make a way, make a plan, make a habit
Make believers out motherf*ckers that don't believe sh*t
Get where you goin', tell them haters eat a di*k
No forks, no spoons, no chop-sticks
Bring ya day one n*ggas who was there from the get go
Fake f*cks come around when you get dough
My tolerance for phony is zero
Can't forget to flex on your ex
And one night the hoes that [?]
But never reply to your message or text
Success is revenge and it's better than sex

[Verse 2: Saba]
f*ck who gon' like me, I'm better than next
Off with their head, boy I'm severing necks
From now until I'm outta the game like a flagrant that's like I got several tecs
Jenga player how I kept a stack
Name not django, but I'm selling hoes back
Divide and conquer, the plan of attack, ayy
Saba sold out and now he sellin his rap
If ever you ask
[?] you ask
I'm on my wave like I'm wearing du rags
I'm 'bout ot get bigger like erica ass
Never switched up, you dudes Kevin Durant
Last of a dying breed, evolution
Study my rhyme scheme, here's the blueprint
n*ggas think they can see me one-on-one
Until I got kentucky that means one and done
I did, look what I did
I'm young and I get it like a spy-kid
Plus I know, every word, they'll bite it
I don't really gotta rap, f*ck it I quit
Last of a dying breed, ain't byson
See y'all boys all frightened
n*gga, rap to me is just body, body, body
Muf*cka, no surviving

[Verse 3: Joseph Chilliams]
Muf*cka, no survival
Right hand on the bible
Sex with me is always short n' quick n' great just like [?]
My goal is to be cute, and down to earth too
Smillin' all the time like I'm in a tampon commercial
[?], throw that ass in a paralellogram
The truth about to come out like when cops sees Never-never land
Me n' the squad scheeming like sucking di*k for wedding bands
People unaware of the video game character, call me Megaman
The plan is to get so big one day I can't see my d like Melo fans
I hope all this pressure make me pretty
Because you here one day and then you gone the next like Angelina Jolie' titties
Bet Imma come back like Goku
'09, I used to go by Joku
Me n' Frsh were like Fox & Falco
Been had the target, acquired the vision
I'm comin' for Chris Martin like Gwyneth Paltrow

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