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[Intro: Johnny Venus]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
That n*gga back from the dead, yeah
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
n*gga almost lost his head, yeah
Try to run, try to fly, try to float
Candles on top of the dresser
Baby, you down, need to bless up
Better watch how you address us
Playing no games, no dress-up
I got an idea
Let's shoot Wild 'N Out in my hood, talkin' right here
Academy Award nominated performance, yeah
Let the AK spray straight for four minutes, yeah
That's a monologue, talking to the fog, f*ck an ordinance, yeah

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices
Cutthroat, rabbit's toe, I suppose
Maybe that's what life is

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
Ayy, man, cavemen
Two drinks, cave in
Few blunts, ease up
Ooh yeah, please up
Who cares? Who there?
Do what? Wake up
The hell, heaven
We want, heads up
Hey you, yeah, you
Mother f*ck, brother f*ck
Sister f*ck, family f*ck
The system, get some
Hey you, day two
Yeah, you, you, you
You a vege', do the dance
Table, get low
Chopped cheese, knot knees
Boy, please, whatever
You next, to death
To go, ooh, oh
Who's that? Ring ring
Your number, bling bling
Call it up, chalk it up
Move over

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices
Cutthroat, rabbit's toe, I suppose

[Verse 3: Smino]
See a n*gga in all red from the North with the pole
It ain't Santa Claus
Brought my gifts to Atlanta, I'm Atlanta Claus
I can smell you pus*y with the panties off, I
Been gettin' to the bread, tryna keep this sh*t low
But it ain't workin', my
Circle on fire like a circus now
Around the same n*ggas I been around, so
Of course I (Of course I), endorse my (Endorse my)
Ratchet ass n*gga from the North Side (North Side)
It's astigmatism, you got poor sight (Poor sight)
Let the b*tches forget it, I do it Alzheim'
Of course I (Of course I), gotta voice my (Voice my)
Opinion on that ass when you walk past
(On bro, that sh*t groovy, ayy)
n*ggas pull strings like a guitar, guitar
G-Star jeans on my sneakers
I'm a real soulful n*gga, collard greens inside your speakers (Yeah, yeah)
Ferguson days on Castro, wasn't no cash flow
But I'm good for the arch, I'm Dr. Scholl's
I'm good for your heart, let me snatch your soul, soul, soul

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
Bloody sacrifices

[Verse 4: Saba]
Yeah, ayy
Look at what a motherf*cker do for the cash intake
They'll be right across your head like it's Ash Wednesday
You got to just get off your ass like your ass is fake
You can't sit, and if we ain't siblings, then I can't relate
To they sh*t, I'm Asic, I run sh*t, I got it jumpin' like pump fake
I don't need nothing but one take
I'm from the part of the city where young n*gga keep him a nine like one plus eight
Our politician a f*ckface
Corrupt like a Dogg Pound Gangsta
We duel like a small town wager
How I'm the dropout major
Success stories, I favor
Used to cover my scars, out here tryna cover The Fader
Yeah, Pro Tools, knobs, and the faders
Tell pigs as-salamu alaykum
You ain't 'bout static like AM radio, ain't even play him
I put my heart and my all in my art, I'm alternate
All of them are the same, it's harder to tell 'em apart some days
I thought I'd call 'em out altogether
Rather than waste the amount of bars it'll take for me to call 'em out by name
Caught a glimpse of the alternate world I've introduced to you
Via the studio, got 'em studying our mixtapes
I'm from the hood like my mama, put that on my mama
I lay the law down like parliament, all just with a pen and page

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices

[Verse 5: J. Cole]
You can't be everything to everybody
I wanna be your lover, your best friend
Your Batman, Spider-Man
Fighter pilot shooting down your rivals and
I wanna damn near kill you to be the one that heal you up
I wanna be the one that feel you up
On nights when you need good di*k to cheer you up
I wanna be the one to build you up
A wall worth five billion bucks to keep out the rah-rah
And the blah-blah-blah so nobody try to steal your thunder
Pull you under
Toss my hopes out, Royal Rumble
We done moved out to the boondocks
Built a big house, there he wonders
How somewhere along the way
He went from Huey to Eddie Wuncler
I been so disconnected, my perspective is ignorant
When you rich, n*ggas don't wanna correct you
Say something crazy, they won't interject
Do every drug that you want, they gon' let you
Dangerous when it's nobody to check you
I be havin' to check myself
n*gga, stop holding that money, you know you got plenty
I be havin' to spread my wealth
I used to be at the crib myself
7 years old, off of Bragg Boulevard
Where they bag up the raw
They gon' stand on the corner, one hand on they balls
And they ran when the cops come, there go the laws
Then I packed up a bag and I trapped it up north on the path of a star
And I ran into you like I met you before
Now damn, me and you goin' half on a boy, sing

[Verse 6: J. Cole]
Huggin' the block, huggin' the block all day
I had nowhere to go, she gave me a place to stay
She gave me her heart to hold, I still got that sh*t to this day
She ridin' with me on the road, she ridin' with me in the A
Huggin' the block, huggin' the block, okay
She gave me the gift of my son, and plus we got one on the way
She gave me a family to love, for that, I can never repay
I'm crying while writing these words, the tears, they feel good on my face, hey

[Refrain: J. Cole]
And yesterday could feel just like a waste, yeah
If I don't love you how I'm supposed to
And yesterday could feel just like a waste, yeah
If I don't love you how I'm supposed to

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices

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