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[Produced by Saba]

Haha, haha
Hey, f*ck you John Wall, f*ck you
Hey, shoutout to DJBooth.net
Free Jimmy

[Verse 1]
Man this n*gga done lost his mind
So? I ain't lose my chick
To some nappy headed n*gga with a fro
Like yo, did you lose your pick?
From where you can lose your life
Westside get crucial quick
Good kid, keep my head to the sky
Yo I don't even look down to p*ss
They need a shoulder I'm someone that they can pull on
I drop dynamite brewing it like I'm bull horn
You ain't hot to me who the f*ck are you foolin'?
With some dynasty sh*t my n*gga we Mulan
Austin officers incarcerated all of my associates
The only thing I'm 'bout to take sh*t over like Napoleon
sh*t smooth like petroleum jelly, felly
My n*gga sold weed in a Pelle Pelle
I'll take division ave until the last stop
Pivot be the team and y'all just mascot
She download my CD on her laptop
Never had sh*t, haves and have nots
Saba done got, a little more courage to verbally murder you
Certainly heard of him, whether city or suburban
She showin' the pearly whites in the second that she see me
Turn your ass to a ghost but my city is like a ouija

Kill on command that's when he say shoot
Voice carry, I don't need a booth
Drop hits that's a TKO
And this is not a warning, this is just something for DJBooth
I tried to focus on the musicality of it
But the reality of it is n*ggas still playin' it down
Well f*ck 'em, there's no more playin' around, I said f*ck 'em
I spit it like I'm sprayin' a round

[Verse 2]
They comparing me to these new n*ggas, honestly I'm offended
My competition isn't J. Cole, but was more like John Lennon
I'm a legend like John Coltrane, Soultrain on a rock soulfish, cocaine flow, on the grind
'Less that or let go, what you lost your ear? Mr. Potato Head
Ain't no place that, I can't say that
I ain't get inspired from, I put out hits like a hired gun
So who's the best, so many said me
Someone done told y'all to get a job and a plan B
I come correct like I wrote this in red ink
I'm rappin' the grand rapids is gradually gettin' deeper
Keepin' mine and I'm peaceful, I'm pieceing a perfect piece
Of an album you can be proud of, I'm just glad that they chose me

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