My favorite bad habit


Ay, mh
Ay, ay, ay
Yeah i really love it
Yeah, cough
Yeah i really love it

Yeah i really love her smile
It's make's me warm
Hope it really lasts awhile
Oh no, my heart
Yeah i think i really lost it
I'll find my way, to right back to where i started
All is not lost, baby don't you act retarded
You break my heart, baby i don't like this feeling
It really scares me, all inside a bottle
I put my feelings in
You know your my favorite habit
And that's not fair to me
And sometimes i feel really stuck
And sometimes i can't give no f**ks
And i don't wanna act like that
I rеally think i need more time

You are magic, i feel your lovе
Your my favorite bad habit
And i can't trust, not a soul
That's been close to me
I know she hurt my heart, but she's still close to me
I don't give my brain and i don't give my heart
Why do i get so attached to things that's bad for me?
And i don't want it to end, she's my serenity
I think i'm way too plagued, i need a remedy

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