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"I Ain’t Changin’ sh*t"

[Hook x4]
Never gonna bite my tongue (yo n*gga)
Man f*ck them hoes, I ain't changin' sh*t

[Verse 1: Willie D]
Goddamn it I warned ya, stupid muthaf*ckas
Who is this b*tch named C. Delores Tucker
Letting that lip flop, f*cking with hip hop
She'd get her old ass dropped
To the floor it's the way sh*t'll G-O
Cause that ho ain't no better than massimo
And even Dionne Warwick on the bandwag
Trynna ban rap with her big nose, ugly ass
b*tch claim to be a psychic, but she can't see
What pay the bills is reality
Cause n*ggas is tired of the (???)
Making them laugh, and kissing white folks ass
That's why they love Sammy
Look like that's the only way a n*gga gonna get Grammy
And because of this, some of yall gone switch, but me
I ain't changin' sh*t

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Lez Mone]
I ain't gots to change sh*t
Now n*gga get a load of this
Lez Mone, flexing on the fat tracks, b*tch
No, I got to let the rhymes flow, large
Mariah can't carry me, ho
Oh no, here I go once more
f*ck the n*ggas and the high class hoes
My style is mine, my style is fine
And if you don't like it
Willie D got the muthaf*ckin' nine
[What's that for?]
To spit ya muthaf*ckin' dime
Packing half, if you don't like my f*cking sag
[Imma bust some caps in yo heffa ass]
So b*tches get a grip
And n*ggas jump ship
And if you don't like it you can leave with a fat lip
Yeah, Lez Mone talking sh*t on this muthaf*ckin' track
And I ain't changin' sh*t for none of you muthaf*ckas

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Willie D]
'88 was the year I came into this rap game
And ain't sh*t changed
Everywhere I look I see a humdrum
Muthaf*cks been biting since Roxanne won
Now everybody wannabe a gangsta
Even R&B n*ggas got that gear
And all that hizza, fizza, wizza bullsh*t
Get off Snoop Dogg's di*k
And push up on ya own
Come original Crip
Before you f*ck around with a (???)
All on another n*ggas pecker
That's why yo ass ain't selling no records
And my career in this business is continuing
Cause muthaf*ckas want what's geniune
And that's real, not your goddamn run of the mill
Yeah, muthaf*ckas I'mma be here
Making that money like I'm suppose
And talking about these bald headed hoes
So keep cracking them jokes about a muthaf*ckin hollerin' b*tch
I ain't changin' sh*t

[Hook x8]

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