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Justin Bieber

"Speaking in Tongues (Freestyle)"

Speaking in tongues
Voila, I'm killing this--caca
Call up Lady Gaga
On my--on my telephone
Hella dome
You're my girl; beats, no metronome
My new chick, she a yellow bone
I buy yellow stones cuz I like the way she got that yellow on

So I'm a raptor, tearin' it up like a tractor
Matter of fact, I'm killin' this track, you're a slacker
Sack like a sacker
Hello Mr. Brady
Tell em' leave his hair for the guy who sings "Baby"
Baby, someone try to save me, lately
I've been hearing these things that sound crazy
Like....da- da- da

Speaking in tongues....alright
OK, stop, drop and roll Justin Bieber is on fire
It's time to realize it's time to call me young sire
You're the seller, I'm the buyer
You're the teller, and I'm higher
I'm higher than the highest point and, yes, I'm flyer
And I'm wired to the game
Stay dry when it rains
I'm tired of the fame, are you proud of the pain?
Yes, we're the same, yes I'm insane
And my mane hangs down, I'm a puppet got strings
I murdered that man, OK

Shawty Mane, Shawty Mane
What you doin' Shawty Mane?
Haha I'm Justin Bieber
You guys might know me, uh as the guy that sings Baby
You know uh I'm a singer
A pop singer
Uh I'm white!
But um I just wanted to do this
Just to prove that uh I got skills
On the rap game
So...yeaaah, what up Julkeyz?
I killed that, alright peace

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