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Justin Bieber

"Old School Flow"

Let me start off with the old school flow

[Verse 1]
Let me start off with the old school flow
Snap back, backpack, rat-a-tat, go
Swagger at the knapsack, who know I could rap that?
Tell me where the cash at, I'll tell you where the smash at
Number one hits, I got number one flicks
And the number one kicks and number one chicks
Fast like Gordon and my jams like Jordan
And my Tims like Hortons and my jets all aboarded in
And my wheels are like a fortune and it feels like extortion
Is it for the fame or for the fortune?
Like this, mic this so I can re-sight this
People in their basements say that I didn't write this
People say I'm white so I couldn't do it like this
Checks like Nike. let me give you a good night kiss
Well I'm a little bit sick of it, listening to bickering
Like picking on a little kid, like taking all his licorice
I hate it when they littering, I hate to be illiterate
I literally am doing deeds, riddling
Cheese like Gouda and my soul like Buddha
And I'mma go right through you and I'm so much cooler
And I don't need Luda
To know that I'm the ruler a
And I'm, so much cooler
You should call me Ferris Bueller

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