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Justin Bieber

"You Know What I Want"

Give me art, move me
I want your body, I just want you
I want a hot night with a thousand things to do
I am not in Pop Culture

Over the b*tch of Pop
A warm night, a crazy dream
Give me your body (Give me you)
You know what I want (Hot Night)

The weather was a detail
His touch and kisses
My mind was simple
I want to collapse

Even if it's with you
The Beautiful was the soul
And it became just you (eeh, eeh, ooh)
Give me one night of love (You know what I want)

I want it to float, like music in the air
I want is his body in half measures will abuse
You talk I obey, not only want fame
I want success, united, pop and power


Move me for sex, hot night (Hot Dreams)
I want to collapse
A night of pleasure just me and you
Want it now (one night)
I want that moment (Learn to drive me crazy)

You are my drug (Pleasure)
My way to lose (Give me what I want)
I want you (Let the night happen)
I want to be happy and crazy

You're my addiction
Fame, success, spotlight is my power
You are my drug, and sex will drive me mad
I'm not a kid anymore, I own the Moment b*tch

Reaches the end, I want to be with you
Give me what I want, you want me
Suffice to say, leave me without action
Make me crazy

Of what I want (I want you)
I want you (I want you)

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