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Justin Bieber

"I'll Show You"

Speed Darlington

(Justin Bieber)

Verse 1
I'll Show you that should never judge a book by its cover
Or you never ever judge a man's di*k when e never stand
Started from the bottom yeah i mean it from tinacious
No be say the game delicious
We just running round the kitchen
Tryino make ma some mili
That is goon be prestigious
Am never goon quit cause you no the boy tenacious
Ambitious modaf*cker
Life's a b*tch yeah i'ma blow her
Go dipper than these rappers
Stainzzy me i f*cker nicer
Any track i be on am the best am more like nissan
I am number one think my name should have been neuer
They said i'll never make it all because stainzzy new here
We hardly take a lose and they know (no no na)
We only down by four tell'em that we barcelona
The future is our hands godhands maradona
Life is complicated like that movie mara and clara the same n*ggas that shake you are the one's tryino spare you
Hit you from the back when you ain't looking oh no
Mama told me don't trust him if the brother is tryino be you
Am having trust issues i'on even trust the ladies to me its kinda funny when they tell me that they love me (lies)
Cause wetin make bele full nai dey make bele they hungry am hungry for the pay keep the fame and the praises

(Justin Bieber Hook)

Verse 2

I'll Show you that you only take ah horse to the river Buh you can't force the horse to take a sip from the river
Bin tru allot of sh*t and ain't toking bout tissues
Na my period so ah Flows like tha ladies with issues
n*ggas hate the way ah shine
And Act like we gat issues
Mama told me kip ur head focus only on the mission
So wn ah ball ah use my head like olive giroud
Tryino achieve my goals with no assist from ozil
Ah no ah gat the zil boy am feeling like O'Neil
Music is ma kitchen am tryino make allot or millz
They say money talks my own day sound like Ed mili
Am grinding Hard so she'll talking like Eminem
Wicked with my doinz good ones dying errday we stalking dis paper tryino make her come errday errday like we poking like papapapa that kinda poking

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