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Justin Bieber

"All That Matters"

You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah

Yo, I think about you when I wake up
The last thing on my mind before I go to sleep
You heard my song said, "It was pretty deep"
Next thing we know, we under covers and I'm pretty deep
God damn, I got the type of sh*t that make you weak
After we finish you can barely speak, catch your breath
I bent you over the kitchen sink
I wrote this song as soon as you left
But it ain't about the sex though
It's a feeling I can't let go
A lotta letters you always end with an XO
A lotta fights, we a mess though
Screaming 'til my throat hurts like a n*gga got strep throat
You the best at calming a n*gga down
I feel lost when you're not around
I need a text or a call, I'm obsessed, I'm meant all
You the best that I saw, keep me on the ground
You feel lost in a shuffle, music is my hustle
I do it for the both of us so we ain't gotta struggle
You should know by now, I never put nothing above you
So now you better wear that dress I like you in or you in trouble
Matter fact, you in trouble either way
Pass the love, baby, lead the way
I fly you to the show tonight, you leave today
I think you already know what I don't need to say
You're all that matters to me

Yeah, yeah, there ain't no "I" in team
I need you to believe that you're all that matters to me
You're all that matters to me
And I don't even sing, but I'm singing for you
Tryna get you in sheets and do things to you
What you think? We ain't leaving the room for a week or two
f*cking around, one take, download at onlyfuturistic.com
Or I'mma f*ck your mom and your little sister n*gga
Yeah and I'mma tell her, you're all that matters to me, yeah

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