Justin Bieber


Your not all
Your not all
Your a stack of papers
Stacks up
Un cut unflavored
Signed delivered what
That how confusing you are
I got no time for these fugures
Depiction of you’re nuts
Not talkign bout youre sound its jsut
I dotn like the way they crunch
When im lookign for commodities
That arent just empty shells and such
Empty shells n’ such
Nutrcracker parade
And once is rained then maybe youll see
You’re more than a shell to me
So the next time u crack a bag of plastic open
Dont try to sell me for the packaging
They’d package u up too if u came with a bunch of screws
So lemme crack u up and we’ll stop at its funny
Cause thats what it was
Before u got serious after the breakup
And im just not that close to u to touch
You’re nuts
But clearly ur up early enoguh for the two of us
Forward thinking
Minds on the future move
And everyone knows who you’d cue
If u weren’t stuck directing from it
The cue the cue ah yes
Wait in line for u
Id wait in line for u too
If i dont know better
But i do
I know it starts where it isnt
Ur not u anymore since
Lines started stacking papers on my desk as thick as fruit roll ups but it seems ur rolling less
So why dotn we roll in peace everybody
And tell me why youd take peace under love anyday
Is it because of the way its packaged to the taste
When like is all youll ever get from me
Like a taste
Take one
Just dont make me try it
Id rather see a case on ur clutch
Shell me while ur at it
Like all those empty chests
Clung to the root of their vine
Spoken: Now ill tell u watch
Why dotn u crack open the pit of a flat note
Prunus persica
And not tell me to put a peach on the market
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