Justin Bieber


I'm six hundred something miles from my hometown
Took a leap of faith, now I'm slowly fallin'
(Now I'm slowly falling)
Hmph and I'm lying to myself on the phone now
Hearing someone say "I'm good." but I'm not whose talkin'
(But I'm not whose talkin')

Yeah, what if you had it all
Skipped town just to restart
Maybe then you'd know me
When all was said and done
I didn't have anyone
And that's just f**kin' lonely

I'm so lo-o-o-onely

[Verse 2]
Empty promises. A lot of words spoken
But nobody followed suit
(But nobody followed suit)
Tears in eye, never fall
All emotions get ignored
But I'm sufferin', I'm only human
(But I'm sufferin', I'm only human)
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