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Justin Bieber

"Tim Westwood Freestyle"

This is funky
Lets go

A.T.L., baby, is where I reside
I'm a young white rapper and I dont get high
Teenage girls is what I really like
And I'm still a young boy but I'm still so fly

Yeah, you see my smile caught it on the cam-er-a
Drink a Red Bull grew wings see the stamina
Shout out to my boys, yeah, they're up there in Canada
I used to live there 'til I moved to Atlanta
Where the girls are so hot, here the girls are fine too
Catching Bieber fever, forget the swine flu

Can I be the one to take you round town?
Be the one to call when you're feeling so down?
I could be your man
You could be my crown

I'm J. Bieber, first name last name!
J. Bieber, check it on the past lane!
J. Bieber, im always in the fast lane!
Yeah uh

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