The Free Design

"A Man and a Woman"

When hearts are passing in the night, in the lonely night
Then they must hold each other tight, oh, so very tight
And take a chance that in the light, in tomorrow's light
They'll stay together, so much in love

And in the silence of the mist, of the morning mist
When lips are waiting to be kissed, longing to be kissed
Where is the reason to resist and deny a kiss
That holds a promise of happiness?

Though yesterday still surrounds you
With a warm and precious memory
Maybe for tomorrow
We can build a new dream for you and me

This glow we feel is something rare, something really rare
So come and say you want to share, want to really share
The beauty waiting for us there, calling for us there
That only loving can give the heart

Comme nos voix, ba-da-da-ba-da, da-ba-da-ba-da
Chantent tout bas, ba-da-da-ba-da, da-ba-da-ba-da
Nos cœurs y voient, ba-da-da-ba-da, da-ba-da-ba-da
Comme une chance, comme un espoir
Together, so much in love
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