The Free Design

"One by One"

One by one
People come
Give your name
Lose your pain
Sing together

Come to me gently for I want you to join me for a song or two
I've traveled through a lot of time and space just to share a feelin'
True songs are often sad these days and yet I'll sing for you
Voices raised in song are meant for healin'

The world in pain is more than I can deal with
But people one by one is a different thing (Different thing)
Songs are all I have to try to heal with
Thoughts of peace and love I'll truly sing (I'll truly sing)

One by one (One by one)
People come (People come)
Give your name (Give your name)
Lose your pain
Sing together

Ever since I was born, just like you, I want to live, that's all
Live on my own in a world away from hatred
Wars and greed and guns won't feed the hungry children all
Look what is happenin' to the life that we call sacred
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