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Lil pio


Lil pio

Yea im only fourteen
No I am not ordinary
I am young and reckless
I look young all the time
I got a body of a surfer
People are liking me
My girlfriend loving my jeans
I take off my shirt damn I bring a distraction
Yes I am smart
People say I care more bout my image
Yea that’s my dad
My dad hates my guts
My momma loves my smile
I usually say to myself to always live it to the fullest
Always to live it up
I wear red, white and blue
Yes n*gga im telling you
Im grounded all the time
But I don’t even blame them
My lips are thick and I kissed a girl named sage
I have a huge di*k for my age
I was born in LA
Now I am raised in OK
Surrounded by stupid ass okies
Wanna be thugs
Most the girls here give me hugs
Sometimes they give me kisses
Yea I got the muscles
My girl loves that
All the girls would f*ck me if they had the chance
They would also have to get in my pants
I gotta hot girlfriend
Yea its like
Don’t you wish you girlfriend was hot like mine
I have a style done that people follow
I have my own muh f*ckin group
I have a different shirt on
Yea n*gga I look good
Believe me that’s all the time
I wish I wasn’t fourteen
I wanna be eighteen
Wanna live young, wild and free
No not like wiz khalifa
No im not talking noise

Lets talk about me now
I got people that hate me
Damn I love haters
They are my motivators
Just my confused admirers
Ive been told that I have changed
I am a winner
My favorite colors are neon green and navy blue
Represent the muh f*ckin seahawks
My name starts with a J
My dad once told me that I will never make it
But I will prove him wrong
My life is full of suprises
Really good ones to
Yea my body looks good
My hair fixed aight
Man I really love my life
Common live it up
sh*t I represent KMA
I represent more than that
YMCMB n*ggas
And YOLO too
I pray to the lord
He ain't doin much for meh
The devil is on my shoulder
The lord is my witness
Just look at me

I don’t have to do much flexing to get
Girls attention
Just by looking at me gives them satisfaction
I share things in common with so many people
Arien Foster is on my fantasy roster
I have this thought in my mind
I am the best at what I do
Here we go
Im gonna live young wild and free
No not like wiz khalifa
(end of song)

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