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Lil pio

"In a couple days"

Next couple of days
Drake ft. lil pio

[Intro- lil pio]
Me and drizzy out for the that spot
Everyone knows we comin in hot
We gone

Ayo, started from the bottom now we f*cking here
Pumping A60’s for a couple years
Top down chrome spinning with a couple cherries
See the wheels grinning it won’t be a happy ending
Like Kai I beat you with a swagga hatchet
I smash pass and dash you ain’t got the class to match it
I f*ck ratchets and I screw wrenches
Motherf*ck ya bars I lift benches
Takin all these pills, and I sweat untill I overdose
Over roast that dutchie, in a haze untill I comatose
At the top, girl getting hair pulled in the airport
Gettin head while headin to headport, don’t get it on my airforce
Roll that l like it’s a cool j with some newports
Drop it and it flips in the whip like it’s new torque
Bout time to finish while I’m on top
Drizzy and lil pio representin for top spot
[Lil pio]
It may not mean nothing to yaaw
But I rised up like the morning sunset
Ill be somthing that you will never forget
I party party till I go down
We rip the roof of this damn town
My life just keep spinning in circles
Heres a life story for the next couple days
Forget the interviews
Lookin back at my past
Damn I look at myself and I say
"everything as gone to fast"

[Hook-lil pio]
All in the next couple of days

Next couple days later
Im better nothin can be greater
My life at the top with drizzy
Never met a girl with name that is izzy
I keep myself in my panic place
When I get nervous he here to calm me down
I never been nervous
Yeeea yeeea
Time to be official
Show my profection
Love the biggest infection
Fame is all about the money
We all in it to win it
But we gone in the next couple of days

Life carry on
Voice baritone
I dont know if shes home
Put the trophies in chrome
Believe in the lord
Believe in myself
Believe in my girl
Work and do the right
His name ment
Do right and kill everything
Ah uh

[Outro-lil pio]
Me and drake are out
You wants some guidence then ask someone else
We gone

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