Hello? I'm Five, four, three, two, one

Follow the black valley, trail of death
Just look at it this way
Into the beautiful sunshine
...I mean, in five years, who cares?
We've made our money
No - what are the satellites for?

Learn to kill, kill from the inside [No, you're breaking up, you're breaking up totally
I know there's somebody else on the line; you gotta hold your own down]

Penetralia, mercenary paraphernalia - sex, sex scenes, funeral, funeral music. Gay
Bar. Submissive dominance. With us, are you with us? Within us

Caught, caught between two cars about to crash. Yeah, okay. In the future you'll
Learn that survival depends on how much, or how little, you leave to chance

What are you wearing under that?
Something, something, something's coming out of the blue: looks like that kind of
Sex scenes. f**k the car. Monster car, monster entrails
Pictures...together with women struggling to enter the recesses of my own body

I just think classical, classical horrors. It's going to take boundless bloody hours
Words and pictures
Split second face. Do you hear me?
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