Paul Gilbert

"I Want to Be Loved (live)"

Songwriters: WILLIE DIXON

Spark in your eyes and my soul on fire
Your voice is like an angel above
Touch your hand woman you drive me insane
But baby I wants to be loved

Crazy about every little thing you do
I even cherish her
Your kiss is so sweet honey they can't be beat
But baby I wants to be loved

Well, well

Every time I ask you on a date
You don't call me at all
Or you're so late
I asked you to dance a little spin
You said wait a minute daddy
Here, call my friend

I love the way you walk when you pass me by
Even when you try to slow
The touch of your hand women drives me insane
Baby I wants to be loved

I Want To Be Loved lyrics © BUG MUSIC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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