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Frankie Beverly

"Closing Theme / I Want You (Live at the London Palladium, 1977)"

[Spoken: Marvin Gaye]
Well, there you have it, haha
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen
Marvelous, that's wonderful
You know, on behalf of all of us here
We'd like to thank you personally from the bottom of our hearts
For coming out this way and being so, so gracious
So wonderful with your applause and your good wishes
We want you to know we are truly, truly grateful
And also want you to know that whatever Marvin Gaye is about
You believe from me, I tell you, it's love
Love for your brothers, love for your sisters, humanity
You demonstrated love for me this evening, and I know it feels good
So, I want you to know we reciprocate and we send it back to you
A hundred and one percent, baby, we love you
You've been a fantastic audience, as we say
Remember , want you to take care of yourselves and be good to yourself
Try and be good to others
Feel good, until we meet again, and it won't be so long the next time
Goodbye, God bless y'all
Thank you, thank you, thank you, darling
Thank you, thank you, baby, thank you, darling

[Outro: Marvin Gaye]
I want you, baby
Goodbye, all, take care of yourself
Goodbye, y'all, I love you
I want you, baby
Goodbye, baby, bye-bye, y'all
You're so wonderful, oh baby
Bye-bye baby
Thank you, bye, baby, woo-ooh-ooh-ooh
Bye-bye, baby, oh baby, ow

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