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Mary J. Blige


[Verse 1]
Twenty two with incredible views
Twenty two like Maple Jordan surrounded by wolves
Twenty two in December gettin' a College Degree
But truth be told I never thought College was really for me
But I said my parents came for this American Dream
So I stopped being selfish and learned the tools of marketing
So once I’m done college my music can reach an audience
And they’ll be reppin’ Y.L. well and there’s no lying in this Young Lion
I’m tired of stretching truths
And then walk into the booth as if that sh*t seems cool
But now I’m on my Clark Kent and spent money for couture
Inspired by Drizzy Drake to start making moves for the culture
But instead of thanking Drake I’m thanking Phonte and Hova
Inspiring Jimmy Brooks right out of his chair to blow up
Cause Aubrey Graham was my favorite actor, now he’s my
Favorite rapper, salute to you to being a major factor

[Hook (x2)]
22 with incredible views
22 with incredible views
22, 22 with incredible views
22 with incredible views

[Verse 2]
I write 4 by 4’s that soar like Lonnie Walker
Difference with me and him is that I still ain’t got an offer
And I know most probably would’ve gave up son
But I got 99 problems and a deal ain’t one
Because Ima keep going independent
Showing these record labels that my records worth the pressing
And who can define a dude who was never understanding
Man, it’s been over a decade and I still got grudges
I talk when I know that the truth don’t rhyme
People played jokes on me and I say that’s fine
But now they wanna go and make up, while everyday I wake up
And I see I’m going from Urkel to young Stefan
Or Steph with the shot boy, damn that’s a
Lot boy, you need some sort of luck inside the pot, boy
But best believe me, you gon’ see me up on top, boy
Cause it’s Y.L. forever, we won’t stop, boy

Yeah Reading’s Finest before I knew it
Up in my room heard Ekko and I said I gotta prove it
Got mad fluid like Nike I told myself I just had to do it
Now all of these dudes that doubted me is looking stupid
Been spittin’ tales since Donyell had twelve
Around the time I lost DB to some dude avoiding jail
Around the time I went to Penn street for them Sneaker Villa sales
Now I’m 22, and never gonna fail…. b*tch

And that’s real man
You know, 22, new age, new opportunities
But the only weird side to this is that your world is changing
My world is changing
I went driving around the city last night and something felt weird
This isn’t the same city that I knew growing up
I don’t talk to the same friends that I used to
I don’t walk the same streets that I used to
It’s strange. It’s getting spooky out here, fam
But I guess that’s a part of growing up. You know

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