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Mary J. Blige

"Be Easy"


[Hook: Mary J. Blige]
You better be easy
You gotta take your time to get what you want from me, shawty
Baby be easy
I'ma need a little more if you're trying to bring your game on me
Oh baby be easy
You better take what you can get cause right now I'm all messed up, shawty
You better be easy
It's gonna take all you got
Oh baby (take your time and fall back)

[Verse 1: Juice]
They call me Juice homie
I get loose homie
Going off that bevery that 80 proof homie
And when I'm in LA I got the duece on me
And when I'm in New York the bubble goose on me
Your b*tch dunk in the club she spread the goose on me
Let a n*gga try that sh*t and Im'a shoot homie
Thats what I do homie
Cause I'm the truth homie
Just like the butterfly doors on a Coupe homie
Your b*tch head go down just like the roof homie
We do this sh*t everyday it's nothing new homie
b*tch I'm a star I dont put it on my shoe homie
And if you mad at the line I'm talking to you homie


[Verse 2: The Game]
It's Hurricane, ho
You know my name, ho
Ain't nothing changed though
I'm sitting in the Range Ro
Or the 6'4 Impala with the brains blow
Let the sun shine in and watch my chain glow
You see the rain though strawberries mangos
Everybody do my dance call it the bank roll
And Mary J know
I'm rapping on your single
How you in the fast lane driving a Durango
I would call out names you n*ggas lame though
20 man roster 20 n*ggas that can't blow
And your boss flow older then the cango
Somebody please hand this old n*gga a cane yo

[Hook] x2

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