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Mary J. Blige

"All Night Long"

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
[Maya Lemore?] hills driving in your own four wheels
Mansion on top of hills blow chrisp chronic billows
As high as the guest house on [?]
Flow nasty that's disastrous, pus*y wet call me a catalyst
Gymnastic when flipping packages
All in my head, give me head back
Exactly miss dap me sister no doubt
The kid is rich, hard as rich, art is rich
But still I'm gonna walk away the week after
No love unless it's whole love, hoes no love
You get the greatest hugs in the world though, hold up
Like Frank [?] schooled Max Julien
This how you ride pimpin' shoot from the side, Kwon

[Verse 2: Mary J. Blige]
Oh baby not tonight
I don't want to fuss and fight
I just want to make it right
Oh there's work to do
I wanna get real close to you
I wanna get you in the mood

All the things you want to do
Just relax and I'll take care of you
And anytime you want me
I'm saying that I love you everyday
And I know that you love me
Baby admit it

Give me all your love and don't stop
I love waiting when you reach the top
(All night long)
Come into my bedroom hun you
What I got will make you spend money
(All night long)

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