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Mary J. Blige

"Springfield E"

[Intro: Beaker talking]
Yo ?

[Verse 1: Ernie]
But so a "Ass The Copper" song music a friends
Put so the, ?????????????????????????
But so a [?] happy and gun [?]
I through ???????? gun
Somethin' [?] sun
Put in my gun, [?]
I know, so I know [?]
But the (???) Sesame street gangsta rap beat 4 the another [?]
From the Mary J. Blige, DJ Beaker, [?]
Give i'm all bleed y'all come thru creepin on dyin
Dyin to me, [?]

Building of Sesame (x2)
Building of, building of Sesame, lovely, lovely

[Verse 2: Ernie]
From n*gga come on come all sum tales
Come in somethin look at f*ck with me
So but how bout tonight but tonight
I'll long mon 'them ya little speccy c*nt square-go like'
I'm dude up through n*gga comin' now in bleed
Somethin ya put little shut ya mouth
Everything go like' first tomorrow, so me in behave on
It's on n*gga, b*tch, f*cker, ass, lickin, suckin, f*ckin, about
Mary J. Blige, motherf*ckin' Sesame
City L.A., the copper to police
A police coughin up bleed that's enough
The bleed whenever what like David Guetta bodies like you
Professor, South I.A., Will.i.am
f*ck nobody moves, nobody get hurt
Sick through I'm screen up da frontline sh*t
sh*t that (Uh huh)
Come back (Uh huh)
Somethin wrong (Uh huh)
Come on please (Uh huh)
But funeral laughin did i fun it
So i wanna die i just bleed in my home
Hope that in ya cut my sh*t off (Uh huh)
Bye to me sh*t cut to me for you bleed
Sure had did share f*ckin wit there bleed
Put em in my bleed so my head bats to me
One, two, three for you bleed to me
Girl sh*t on ya night y'all

Coming Through (x3)

But ?
Be won't dead (x3)
See ?
But ?

See ?
Eeeh no

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