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Mary J. Blige

"End Skill b*tch"

Hello Beaker
f*ck it b*tch
200 bichasneguz-Er
The b*tchasneguz date
In the dead bichasneguz f's
You better not got my f*ck about that...

[Big Bird]
Dear whoever
You are a f*ckin idiot to put a sight on like this
Why did you name it this
What if some innocent little kid
Comes on and sees your mutha f*ckin job site
They will start getting ideas
So shut the hell up and stop this sh*t
You are an idiot to do this
And if you don't cancel this website
I will send you a ton of hate
Messages everyday
Now stop this and
Change your site name
If you want to have a website
On how to get a job
Like for example
Later, b*tch!
We are a community of motherf*cking programmers
Who have been humiliated by software development Methodologies for years
We are tired of XP, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Software Craftsmanship (aka XP-Lite)
And anything else getting in the way of
Programming, Motherf*cker
We are tired of being told we're autistic idiots who need to be Manipulated to work in a Forced Pair Programming
Chain gang without any time to be creative because none
Of the 10 managers on the project can do
Programming, Motherf*cker

Yeah if a motherf*ckin' real hip-HOP in mouth day
So wanna do gonna slap ya faces of making died
I don't give a f*ck....

[Mary J. Blige]
We must destroy these methodologies that get in the way
Of Programming, Motherf*cker in a place
We think the sh*t on the left
Is really just the con
In the middle
And that we really need
To just do the thing on the right
Programming, Motherf*cker
Put in the [?] (????) [?] (?) [?]
Don't better make gonna Gangsta

[Oscar The Grouch]
G-A-N-G-S-T-A better G-funk motherf*cker G-funk
Where do I start? It's not you
Well actually it is you
Look, I'm just not...
I'm not attracted to you anymore
I need space
You kinda...
You kinda gross me out
In the beginning it was different
In the beginning, you were better
But then I got to know you real well
And I came to realize...
That you're a fat idiot [?] (?) [?]

Hurry, hurry

I know in a family just f*ck my b*tch open it taker
It's Bichasneguz in a effect but now in the loaf [x3]
I know in a family just f*ck my b*tch open it taker
It's Bichasneguz in a effect but now "f*ck it b*tch"

Better not gang to me G funk you gangsta rapper fools
Then Bert gonna afraid us to kill it in a caught on hoods
Keep you mouth open sh*t curb dawgz suppose to me
In a F in the n*ggas M R Ernie
In a but gangsta
But now should you heaven
Kill a n*gga
But a n*gga
Chill a n*gga
f*ck it b*tch
Buck it b*tch
Luck it b*tch
Shark is b*tch
You better not
You better not
And through gotta dot
And through gotta dot

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