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Mary J. Blige


Phone Dials....Puff breathing. Phone rings

Mary's Voicemail:
"Yo what's up, this is Mary. Not home, leave a message. Peace"

[Puff Daddy]
"Not this sh*t again, oh my god! Ayo Mary B pick up, Aye Mary Mary B Pick up"

[Mary B]
Yea, yea,yea! What's up, Puff?

Aye what's up n*gga?


[Puff Daddy]
Whats going on man? Im driving up town man, im vex'd man, n*ggas out here fronting man, say you can't do it again baby, tired of this old bullsh*t ya know what im saying? Ready to put all you n*ggas in nine-four man, ready for this new album to drop yo, word up man! Got the studio time booked to ten o clock, can you be there at 10 o clock? Ayo its time man, one love, OUT!

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