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Mary J. Blige

"There's Only One"

[Busta Rhymes]
Roll wit a n*gga, put on some roller skates (laughs)
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Come on!
Hot sh*t! More more more more more more!
We gon continue to give it to you muhf*ckas like this
Put ya f*ckin roller skates on!
Yeah, hennessy n*ggas
Yeah, more weed n*ggas
I know it feel good come on, talk to ya beat (Huh)

Thug n*ggas, yo we here to straight recruit y'all
New millini n*ggas yo we here to straight salute y'all
(Shoot y'all) Wack n*ggas we here to mute y'all
And drop sh*t to make all you n*ggas just get the boot y'all, baby
Wiggle ya sh*t one time (come on)
f*ck you and your whole entire click combined (come on)
...Whatever the cost now, floss now
Show you n*ggas who be the boss now
All across the board wild they be bouncin my obstacle course now
Sparkle with a gloss pushin a force now
Now I get my wine and dine on, slide on
A di*k of a n*gga who bust in you to get his shine on
See some real live chicks sippin them mistics
They buggin on how they let a n*gga up in 'em this quick
Don't get it twisted or we'll bring the most reliable (what!)
We bringin that sh*t that be so undeniable

[Hook: Mary]
Y'all wanna know who we with
Busta Rhymes and there's only one
You know my man is always rockin sh*t
We keep it street cause that's where we're from
You comin out to do your thing
Underground heat to the club we bring
And you know that we got this
And you know that we got this

(Hugh) Brand new, all the way down the line
From the new bounce the new money down to the newest shine
Wit the new blue nine though I had to bust it a few times
Watch these funny n*ggas and analyze all the true signs
In due time we will acc*mulate, illuminate
My click will f*ck up the money you allowin your crew to make
Yeah, and while we step up in the hot spot
And f*ck with these b*tches until somebody start to bust shots
n*ggas duck for a second make sure they ain't the ones got
To start the party against me (Ho) and yell blood clot!
Everything be goin on from chicks blowin kisses
Straight wildin out while these n*ggas surround these freak b*tches
Once somebody else started bustin they heat vicious
I started holdin my toast, defendin all my street riches
Up in the club champagne up in the ice bucket
Now these n*ggas is wildin and throwin they drinks (f*ck it!)


Now don't get mad, cause what you had
Too bad it didn't last
And now we're back on this Busta track
And now the games on smash

Yeah, all my live n*ggas get yours
Floss heavy, all my b*tches bounce on the floor
Check it, squads deep with n*ggas everybody on
Make the livest motherf*ckers wanna bounce to my song
Check it, my n*ggas organize, analyze the teamwork
And how a bad shorty rockin that Rah Digga T-shirt
And keep it goin while you tag along, swing along
And see my n*ggas that be reppin while you sing along

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Busta and Mary ad lib]

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