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Mary J. Blige

"From the Ground Up"

[Verse 1 - Sunspect]

I spend my efforts on some heavy weapons, yea
Load up my vessel, full speed at them cannons
Companionship in danger always stands the test
Whatever one achieves, wins praises from the rest
I damn did it, took it from my grandmother’s advice
I damn build it, I shook it, I baked it, I stirred it, Now sip it!
Like ancient gods pick their way among the stones
We carry a pillar on the back of our bones
Cause no one had the guts to tear my paper into pieces
From the ground I worked my ass off to Masterpieces
Here’s a Christmas tree for you to decorate the branches
Light up the candles b*tch when I do my entrance

[Hook x2 - L. Hammer]

It's all built from the ground up
Whatever it takes to get the Crown up
You swim with the greats, don't make a sound what

[Verse 2 - L. Hammer]

Entrepenuer status, tipping these rappers like cattle
Give to the poor, steal from the rich, we making it travel
Money come back all doubled up, we back in the saddle
Floating like hovercrafts, passing all these maggots, still paddle
We get it on baby, girl it's hard labour
So just like Clark Kent, you see me working for the paper
Working to be the greater, I'm murking you to see you later
After life I proceed, you still be looking for your savior
Retainer, sacrifice the body of a stranger
We braver, and seperate the minds of a traitor
I made ya, look like a b*tch a no-brainer
Rearrange your whole face, you better learn to dodge danger
We be building on pillars of stone
f*ck your throne you see me working on one of my own
Get your cover blown, better leave this alone
Food for thought, blood for bricks goes straight through the bone

[Hook x2 L. Hammer]

[Verse 3 - Action Bronson]

Uh uh... You already know
Bam Bam... Crown Order... Don't make a sound...

Yo, Kunsthaanverk, legendary Queen sh*t
Crumble hash into the joint, I'm straight to the point
We're getting paper, birthday cake layer sh*t
Shoot a fox throw it on my back player sh*t
My team assemble Marks Man, drugs in the park
We smoking heavy got the lungs of a shark, run from the narcs
Dip and hide, I treat this sh*t with pride
I see the whole entire floor got the Pippen eyes
Built a bridge like an immigrant, head on a swivel
My trees are laced with some vanilla
My main shorty's chocolate, plus she is known to aim the forty awkward
Paint my portrait I'm the boss, hop out the side deadly
Feet hit the floor you see my Gators
Stay in the water, swimming on your haters
Many styles many flavors... keep the Nine with the laser

Straight up!

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