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Pete Seeger

"Ground Hog"

Whet up your axe and whistle up your dog, (repeat)
We're off to the woods to hunt groundhog, groundhog!

Old Joe Digger, Sam and Dave, (repeat)
Went a hog-huntin as hard as they could stay, groundhog!

Too many rocks and too many logs, (repeat)
Too many rocks to hunt groundhog, groundhog!

He's in here boys, the hole's wore slick, (repeat)
Run here Sam with your fork and stick, groundhog!

Stand back, boys, and let's be wise, (repeat)
I think I see his beaded eyes, groundhog!

Yonder comes Sam with a ten foot pole, (repeat)
To roust that groundhog outta his hole, groundhog!

Grab him by the tail and pull him out, (repeat)
Great God almighty ain't a groundhog stout, groundhog!

Here he comes all in a whirl, (repeat)
He's the biggest groundhog in this world, groundhog!

Work, boys, work as hard as you can tear, (repeat)
The meat'll do to eat and the hide'll do to wear, groundhog!

Skin him out and tan his hide, (repeat)
Best dern shoestrings ever I tried, groundhog!

The children scream, the children cry, (repeat)
They love that groundhog cooked and fried, groundhog!

I love my groundhog stewed and fried, (repeat)
Little piece of cornbread by the side, groundhog!

Up steps Sal with a sn*gger and a grin, (repeat)
Groundhog grease all over her chin, groundhog!

Hello, mama, make Sam quit, (repeat)
He's eatin' all the hog and don't leave me a bit, groundhog!

Hello, boys, ain't it a sin! (repeat)
Watch that gravy run down Sam's chin, groundhog!

Watch him boys, he's about to fall, (repeat)
He's et till his pants won't button at all, groundhog!

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