Pete Seeger

"Stagger Lee"

Stagolee was a bad man, everybody knows
Spent a hundred dollars just to buy him a suit of clothes
He was a bad man, that mean ol' Stagolee

Stagolee shot Billy the Lion, what do you think about that?
Shot him down in cold blood 'cause he stole his Stetson hat
He was a bad man, that mean ol' Stagolee

Well Billy the Lion said "Stagolee, please don't take my life
I got a two little babes and a darlin' loving' wife
You're a bad man, you mean old Stagolee"

"What do I care about your two
Little babes, your darlin' loving' wife?
You done stole my Stetson hat, I'm bound to take your life
I'm a bad man, my name is Stagolee"

The Judge said "Stagolee, what you doin' in here?
You done shot mister Billy the Lion
You'rе gonna die in the elеctric chair
You're a bad man, you mean old Stagolee."

Well at twelve o'clock they killed him
Head raised up high
Last thing that poor boy said was
"My six-shooter never lied"
He was a bad man, that mean old Stagolee
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