St. James Hospital lyrics

Pete Seeger

In a corner by the square
The drinks were served as usual
And a goodly crowed was there

On my left stood Joe McKenney
His eyes blood shot and red
He said "You can set 'em up bartender"
And these were the words he said

I was down by St. James Infirmary
I saw my sweat-heart there
She was layin' out on a cold, white table
So cold, so white, so bare

I went up to the doctor
"She's mighty low" he said
I went back to my baby
Good god she's layin' there dead

Let her go, let her go god bless her
Wherever she may be
You can search the whole wide world over
But there'll never be another for me

Now, when I die just bury me
In my long, black coat and silk hat
Put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch-chain
To show the good Lord I'm standing fat

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