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[Intro sample]
"I've seen 357s
I've seen 12-gauge shotguns
I've seen 12-gauge, um, pumps, eight-shooters
I've seen um, .45, um, military special with clip on the street
I've seen hand grenades
I've seen beer-can bazookas made
Damn things hit you, it's just as getting hit with a gun"

[Verse 1:Inspectah Deck & Esoteric]
[Inspectah Deck]
I spit it like eight AKs
Murder verse spray first
Birds circle when they say they names
Announce 'em dead, count the heads
Write raps with an ounce of lead
Hid all the master bread
Making sure the hounds are fed
I'm the pterodactyl striking fear in so many

[INS] I'm the ace of kings, toasts up
[ESO] Raise your Henny now

[Inspectah Deck]
Salute to the finest
You in the company of royalty
Sir I, your highness
I can tell you about stackin' a grip
Out in Paris with the baddest b*tch
Sittin' at a fashion event
Went from street life to neon lights
Don P on ice

[ESO] Fee's tight
Never free on mics
[INS] Got third-world n*ggas screaming "Deck's the truth"
[ESO] And they co-sign E-S when he steps in to bless the booth
[INS] I-N-S never rest, see true
[ESO] Czarface
[INS] For the head we shoot

I've seen all this
You'd be surprised man
Pretty soon they're gonna steal the damn atom bomb

[Verse 2:Inspectah Deck (Esoteric)]

(Esoteric) Indiana Jones, f*ck these snakes to tame
It's like the NBA, too many fakes in the game
Now why is that Deck?

[Inspectah Deck]
The cake's to blame
In the end I would play it the same
To be for real that's the day it changed
They hate it from the day I came

So lame, Jealous One's Envy then they fold like paper planes
I aim and deliver to their, brain and their liver
And I bang out that literature, ain't no one sicker than I
Or us, we're fly we're wise you ride the bus
We're diamonds in the rough, industry we don't trust
We rally troops, rock mics and get loose

[Inspectah Deck]
And for ya'll didn't bless the youth

That's the truth

[Inspectah Deck]

[Verse 4:Cappadonna]
Cappadonna mind twist flows and mega-charm
Hong Kong style that'll break ya man's arm
I'm good with this mic, that's word is bond
You a sucka MC, I'm gonna have to sound this alarm
Punks lust over my queen and it's hard to get it
Yo you snitched on Don, told the world I did it
Yeah your arms is too short to box with God
Compared to the king you just another retard
My style come in threes like tic-tac-toe
And every time you see me I'm gettin' that dough
And I know a hundred rappers that want to be like me
I hate all y'all n*ggas so I sent my wifey
It's the angel of rap, yeah straight from heaven
I fly cherry-head n*ggas like 9-11
If I don't bust you, yeah n*gga my man's gonna touch you
What you gonna do with a Don like this?

[Verse 5:Vinnie Paz]
Islam righteous, the god on his deem
Move d motherf*cker d Radio Raheem
Idi Amin, I kill needy for the cream
See I'm pristine, needy for the team
The most powerful piece in chess is the queen
The most powerful peace in death is the dream
I don't want to say that I'm the best but I'm king
I don't want to leave a f*cking mess at the scene
Put holes in your body like the flesh of a fiend
Gold Maserati and my neck full of gleam
The first half ill and the rest is obscene
A herb stand still when I'm vexed when I'm mean
My mom's crib stocked with the best gudagine
The four-fifth c*cked, it's a Glock with a beam
Upper echelon rhyme, rock to a fiend
Cut your f*ckin' spine on the dime, nahmean
Stupid! Hahahahaha

Yeah, Boxcutter Pazi, yeah
Philly to Boston
Then back down to New York
Staten Island, Beantown, South Philly
Rebel I, Esoteric, 7L, Paziena
f*ckin' cherry-head rapper
Boxcutter Pazi!

[Outro sample]
"I've seen .22 zip guns, I've seen .38 zip guns
I've seen, I'll tell you things about things you think you'd never see on the street
I've seen dynamite on the street"


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