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"Hazmat Rap"

[Intro: Sample + Inspectah Deck]
"Just talk about—"
Put your hardhats on, we going to work
Get a little dirty

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
This is Hazmat rap, scratch that
When this is rocking see n*ggas droppin' like the NASDAQ stats
Black popping like a ass that's fat
Trapping that cash, on top of that I'm getting ASCAP stacks
I-N-S, I never sleep
Meaning I'mma all-nighter liver than the Tribeca streets
Untouchable, is never in your reach
Straight to the bone they call me bonafide homes, then capice

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
Y'all be on that other sh*t this is that gutter sh*t
Your team be junk mail just a waste of a click
Telling me to axe somebody so I had to hack somebody
Pop a stupid question and I leave 'em with my hatchet, bloody
Rappers study and they tried to gather data from me
I earned my stripes so my wets match my rugby
Raps is ugly and all the hoodrats love me
All thugs go to heaven but no cats above me

[Hook: Sample]
"—time for this realness"

[Verse 3: Inspectah Deck]
Fly like I'm gone in a cape
Rebel I, try blocking my pace
Get rocked in your face
Y'all old, there's homage to pay
Or catch a vist from my young G's, I don't need problem with Jake
Just, shimmy, shimmy, ya, shimmy, yam, shimmy, yay
Give me the mic and watch a n*gga display
Born penitentiary-hard, oh, my God
Yeah, I'm from the home of the mobsters, crooks, and cons

[Verse 4: Esoteric]
f*ck Patrón, you need shots of Cortisone
You ain't Corleone or N.O.R.E. 'n' Capone
More like Norah Jones with your boring poems
Save that Rambo act for Stallone
That style’s got a thousand dads, mine's at an orphan's home
Smoking on the porch alone, killing it with a gorgeous tone
Flow bellissimo like I record in Rome
I’m in the water, Orca clone whaling on y'all
Rouge status, no Palin on y'all
I be back in the game, attacking lames, assailant on y'all
I’m Spidey scaling on walls
This is pharaoh biz, why your man bailin' on y'all
I be shredding like I got Eddie Van Halen on call
Hell Cycle transmission, never failing on y'all

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