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Ahhh! It is the Czarface!

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, there go the speakers, I'm naturally glowing, blowing sativa
Amazing display of art, unique as Mona Lisa
Non-believers, they b*tching like R&B divas
I'm headache, chest pain, hard to breath fever
He's a resident patient, F all the expectations
Echo the sentiment if you repping the rebel nation
Let go the arsenal, the odds impossible
Speak the gospel, we harder than army obstacles
Watch your dude monster mash for a wad of cash
Ironic how n*ggas garbage be talking trash
Hashtag more than rap, might f*ck around
And lose your cataracts if you saw it in rap
Deep in the pits, i speak swift, pleading the fifth
Only time I go soft? After pleasing your b*tch
We the sh*t, official with the stripes and all
And for the drought? we keep a high supply of the raw

Let's make it understood, Czarface is a hero
But he's up to no good (no good)
Nod ya head to this sh*t, but make it effortless, quick
When it comes to rap sh*t we the specialists, kid

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
7 load the beat, the Nikes on my feet are deadstock
Until they go through your teeth
To my soldiers in the street, who are really cats in the lab
Rappers on their Ipad, trend-humping every fad
Give me something I can grab
Something with some substance
Your tracks be sounding flat, our tracks? Kate Uptons
Listen: they took a quick poll, concluded I was a sick soul
Said you gotta see Czar, no Nick Kroll
Rappers talking 'bout how they living in that studio
They're talking about their one-room apartment
To a homeless man, it's beautiful
I guess they need some room to grow
But if they get a budget it's, they talking "How that booty go?"
Sellout, sellout, muthaf*cka get the hell out
It's time to break that Esoteric, Deck and 7L out
Keep balling, 'cuz emceeing ain't your calling
Leave that sh*t to us, we rushing stages like Stalin


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