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"Sgt. Slaughter"

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
I bully n*ggas for sport - Richie Incognito
We don't give a f*ck
Gibson and Glover, weapons are lethal
Call the coroner for this immortal orator
Drop game like Doc Strange
Sort of a sorcerer
No slumber
Pulling odd jobs for all the numbers
Dog runner lay my hammer like
The god of thunder
I get it started like jumper cables from the cradle
f*ck your label, f*cking with us, results are fatal
Czarface - Heartbreak for your favorite rapper
My laser blasting feel the effects for days after
The game is wack and lack of real and that's a major factor
Take your jetters off dropping only makes you madder
Stay calm goose flippin' if i wave my arms
Czar Fonz, I'm displaying self-embracing charms
I’m Peyton with the ball
As long as my paper ain’t wrong

Get it
You get it
You get it
Oh oh [x4]

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
Flow masochistic, I'm sadistic, antagonistic
Tell me how natural is it?
To snack on cadavers of rappers
That visit the Czarkham Asylum
I'm barkin' and wildin'
The bars are more violent
Mummify me in a rap exhibit
I am p*ssing on you, a Kit-Kat: I'll split you in two
I spit raps that spit on your crew
I got an issue with you
I black out in rapbouts I can flow
That's word to Florian
The hip hop historian
That's bound to wage a war again
You like a bartender runnin' an Irish Pub
'Cause you pour again
You might be dismembered
I’m shady like Czarface's origin
The cheese give rappers the bad credit
You lack vision like the first Avengers ultimately
I’m Ultron uploading the first Ultramagnetic
Who wanna set it on Esoteric, I'll call you a medic
You're delicate, I'm demented
Like Colonel Kurtz reading T. S. Elliot
Not with a bang but a whimper
I take a beat and pimp her
The Czar Vet
I slaughter like Sergeant
When the bars set, the beat is straight laced like Clark Kent

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