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"Stun Gun"

[Intro: Esoteric]
Get it
Oh, sh*t

[Verse 1: Esoteric]
Lines cut like a machete swing
Time's up, before they set the ring
Deadly with the pen I bring, the chemistry is menacing
Like what? Ben Mendelsohn in anything
Let me be Frank like Bernthal at a casting call
Punish cats like Kyrie, mask and all
I'm like a 2017 Gordon Hayward 'cause I don't play
But I'm okay, I run through rappers like Chipotle
I hope they get their sh*t together
'Cause the raps they give are somethin' like a laxative, whatever
There ain't an adjective to describe the way I tear the mic with a vengeance
Unless I gotta be that guy and use 'erudite' in a sentence
Nah, these haters can't compete
They pray to God I'm fake but I'm real like a Trump tweet (damn)
My life look like Able's gun, it's never set to stun, you better run

[Break: MF DOOM]
What you mean by, "It never set on stun?"
It's supposed to be on stun, get yourself hurt, son

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
Let me break it down, I grown since mic Mic Mastery
Sometimes I'll reach like a hacker on D
This ain't hockey, I'm meta human stand tall like Ewing
Lines epic like the opening crawl on the first viewing
Pursuin' iller noise, Sufjan Stevens
Even though he's an Asthmatic Kitty, he's too calm breathin'
Rippin' crews like Rotten Tomato reviews of The Mummy
I'm ballin' like I'm hoopin' for money, who want it from me?
I'll wait, style great, while your sh*t's weak, pipsqueek
Make me wanna mute you like when Steven A. Smith speak
So ahead of my time when I send savagery
The link won't expire until after the singularity
Been tellin' ya'll now you seein' what I mean and sh*t
John Williams still workin' on my theme and sh*t
(Yo yo yo) Find a better place
It's Esoteric wreakin' havoc with the Metal Face

[Outro: MF DOOM (Esoteric)]
That's name, don't play it out
Or either spray it when you say it out your mouth, get out

(I heard you talkin' 'bout me, man)

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