William Hollander

Gaelic Storm

For whiskey and bad company
Has made a fool of me
So, come all young men, my warning tale
Won't you shun the piracy?

Oh, me name, 'tis William Hollander
As you will understand
I was born in the County of Waterford
Down by her golden strand
When I was young and in me prime
Good fortune, upon me, shone
And my parents raised me tenderly
I was their only son

Oh, me father bound me to a trade
In Waterford's fair town
He bound me to a cooper there
By the name of William Brown
I served my master faithfully
For three long yеars or more
Til I shipped aboard The Ocеan Queen
Belonging to Tramore

And when we reached Bermuda's isle
I met with a Captain Moore
He was the skipper of the Flying Cloud
From out of Baltimore
He asked me if I'd sail with him
On a slaving voyage to go
To the burning shores of Africa
Where the sugar cane does grow

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