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Montana of 300

"FGE Cypher 7"

[Verse 1: $avage]
Cypher 7, you n*ggas know the f*ckin' routine
Coming up I had it rough, yup every night I used to pray
I was tryna do it big, all a n*gga had was faith
My bro in the cage, fightin' for us like no MMA
Free the real, when they come home it's a holiday
No it ain't no MILF, when this f*ckin' .40 pop a pus*y
I ain't drinking on no milk, but I smoke a lotta cookies
I just came in the game, ballin' on 'em like a rookie
Shorty see me shining, she blew on me like I f*ck with Tookey
Money, drugs, and murder, I come from Peoria n*gga
And I'm not Sean Livingston but I'm a warrior n*gga
She thick and she bad as f*ck, give me neck like I'm Dracula
Come through with this .50 spittin' it's gon' be a massacre
Clapping at you like a graduation once I cap 'em up
Smoke a n*gga like a session I ain't even pass the blunt
Shooting at you like directors since you n*ggas acting tough
Now it's ambulances backing up with bags to pack you up
Ain't no question how I'm rocking we the f*cking trending topic
If it's beef, CP3, how I'm shooting with the rockets
FGE, taking off, while you haters sitting watching
Hit his teeth, with the iron like I'm golfing, get a coffin b*tch

[Verse 2: No Fatigue]
FGE sh*t man, ha
'Tigue in this b*tch
I been grinding, feel like Weezy, I got money on my mind
You know that I play to win, like it's money on the line
I'm not taking disrespect, all this sh*t gon' get correct
Know some n*ggas cut like chess get X'd and boxed you look connect
Watch me ball just like a scout, on anyone who gon' doubt
I know I'm gon' make it out, I make all my haters pout
Some of my n*ggas move pillows like they tryna fix the couch
Soon as they get that sh*t in, you know they gon' get it out
Tried to tell 'em we don't play, that's what's tried and they failed
Watch these n*ggas, they not real, they not built for this, they frail
Bring that bullsh*t, and we sprayin' tryna clear the smell
Y'all be the ones 12 that's singing like 112
Smart and cute with a nice body, not ball hogging couldn't pass it
She was wanted just like Angela Jolie I gotta have it
Used to f*ck her lost connection now sh*t lagging guess sh*t happen
Beat that pus*y up, we go pound for pound we not dapping, uh
Every beat I touch, I murder, I know the feelin
Fans know when I'm on beast, like O'Neal I shall kill
No sirens got a clear path headed to the top
pus*y n*gga might foul but he know that free shot
Ball in this b*tch no blender bottle
Gotta thick b*tch gon' bend then swallow
I told bro we can't give up, I don't quit just like Apollo
Creed, I know I ain't perfect I'm a sinner like MB but
I still pray everyday, and not just for me

[Verse 3: Talley of 300]
Yeah, Talley
FGE sh*t
Look, aye, going down they throat again
If they hate watch 'em swallow it hard
I'm gifted as a holiday card
These n*ggas sweeter than holiday heart
b*tch I been the truth, and gon' be either when I meet God
I don't speak watch the bodies I crop
But don't get put in that closet it's dark
So much sh*t follow my heart, had the heart in it
That's spending they worth won't get caught in it
I need everything blessed when I'm crossing it
So I searched for God's power and harnessed it
Faith boosting me up like a starter kit
Said your word was the sword so I sharpened it
Now my verse is so worth you could auction it
I collect with a blame, but literally
And f*ck sh*t ain't safe if it's near to me
I'm down to die for who's dear to me
Hard for me to cry but it's tears in me
Theres no fear in me, for every f*ck n*gga hearing me
I drive with that steel like I'm Harry B
And I pop it like a pill in me
So full of rage, I cage it
Only God knows how amazing
Don't be a John Doe I'ma blaze him
He in church only Jesus could save him
I guess it's with the beat when I take him
Wanna play it ain't free I'm a gamer
Like 2K no 2 3 when I fade him
Put that lead in his sheets and erase him
Now back to that paper, aye
Like schooling n*gga, and I been on my A game
I don't know where you been n*gga
I go hard as the freight train, I get sh*t moving n*gga
Don't think like I slang 'cain
How your b*tch tryna move in n*gga
And I stay fly as a crane, high as Mariah could sing
And I like my dollars the same
So you know I'ma grind to the grave
Go axe if I slide, if I bang
Bet my city won't lie on my name
Even though they know how I behave
They don't know we got bodies for days

[Verse 4: Montana of 300]
Pray For The Devil right on schedule they can't get me off his heels
Rap God b*tch and yes I get paid for the flow no water bill
My sh*t been ill as coughing, still I'm on the road not off a pill
Don't even start I'll squeeze and spark Steven Seagal I'm hard to kill
I'm known to blow you all to chill get turned to fire Marshall Bill
Then you'll know what I talk was real, and how inside a coffin feel
And n*ggas know how I'm shooting, you don't want smoke like I'm Reggie
Let's keep it G, you don't want beef, you don't want me like a deli
I hope you ready when I slide up on your ass like a wedgie
Come out the cut no machete, this b*tch gon' blow like it's Becky
I'm godly with the bars, like the lord was my celly
I'm 'bout my cake Little Debbie, these rappers know they ain't ready
They just my sons and right now I'm babying 'em like a belly
They say Montana got this b*tch on lock but I ain't R. Kelly
Im cooler than Uncle Jessie, known to snap Fonzarelli
You see the drip like I'm sweaty, you wanna jacket no Pelle
I made it happen with music, pour some strings like a cello
If you want war then I'm gon' draw like Triple G and Canelo
I'm bringing heat like a kettle, yo ass is grass like a metal
You know my metal to put n*ggas in the dirt like a shovel
I'll take you there like a shuttle, and take your soul like a pedal
Came out the hood not the ghetto and he thought he seen the Devil
I shot him in both of his thighs and the knee like Carmelo
I had him shaking like Jell-o then took his top off, LaMelo

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