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Montana of 300

"Try Me (Chicago Remix)"

[Hook: Dej Loaf]
Let a n*gga try me, try me
I'm a get his whole mothaf*ckin' family
And I ain't playin' with nobody
f*ck around and I'm a catch a body

[Chorus 1:Tink]
Let a n*gga try me, try me
I'ma get him gone like Illuminati
Cause we ain't playing up in Chicago
30 make him yell like he a soprano
Let a n*gga try me, try me
I'ma shoot his face like a picture ID
Let them know that we ain't playing up in Chicago
Lay them boys down like a lot of dominoes

[Verse 1:Tink]
Pop a n*gga frame like he was a garter
Run up in his crib like Mr. Rogers
Flip his ass quick put him in gymnastics
b*tch we go to war like we being drafted
Tell Lil Durk let's have a party with my lil shawtys
We ain't getting drunk, but they bringing 40s
I could murder with my fashion you n*ggas lacking
About to drop a body feel like I'm contracting
Better be rushing to the bank walking like a model
Your man give me neck till I feel his tonsils
My lil homie got the tech loaded for you bast*rds
Bet he touch a n*gga like say a pastor
They say I be slaying on my Kim K, where my corset?
Youngest b*tch f*cking up these streets like my name was North West
My b*tches don't want to talk like a case of strep throat
We rather just get up on it, word to f*cking Dej Loaf
Bullets clear you out your brain now you need a mentor
Blow a n*gga down like he in a windstorm
All I do is say the word they be running over
Kill a n*gga in a week call it that ebola

[Hook: Dej Loaf]

[Verse 2:Lil Durk]
Dej got the .40, I got the mac up
Bullets to his face, police call for backup
And just because I rap I still a whack some
n*ggas need grammys, they straight actors
Free RondoNumbaNine he just caught a body
RIP to Nuski, my cousin called me
I seen my cousin bleeding I damn near lost it
Thats why I gotta ride through all the opp sh*t
I don't do relations so don't waste it
b*tch ain't send me money, I had to face it
And since my car white they'll swear I'm racist
She say she freak nasty so I'm on that sh*t
n*ggas snitching here, he'll get his face lift
b*tch I'm from Chicago where we go ape sh*t
If we catch a hommie we don't say sh*t
Even rappers know we ain't who to play with
I can't wife a eater, I just freak her
Pass her to my n*ggas like a blunt of reefer
30 don’t jam it's like aquafina
Free my n*gga Jam that lil boy a demon
And since I got my deal, I feel important
I live what I rap and just record it
They tried to give me 10 if I didn't have a lawyer
n*ggas out here snitching, they're straight informers
Try Me! Try Me!
Bullets got his name on it like a ID
Sipping on the lean is like my IV
My crazy life, I feel like YG

[Hook: Dej Loaf]

[Verse 3:Montana of 300]
Ay let a n*gga try me, try me
I'm a kill his whole mothaf*ckin' family
Put him on TV like the Cosbys
I'll be bustin' through ya door like it's Johnny
Got the shotty in my pants walkin' like a zombie
Black gloves, black mask when I'm doin' grimey
Everybody gettin' headshots like an I.D
Follow n*ggas just to shoot 'em like the paparazzi
And I ain't spairin' nobody
I'll pop up at his wake and kill his f*ckin' auntie
Keep that 40 right beside me like we Siamese
I stay ready 24/7 tell 'em come and find me
Kill you then go kill a beat that's a double homi
I'm Lebron with the heat Jordan in the 90's
I'm the f*ckin' greatest, Ali
Tyson mixed with Floyd that's why the wanna sign me
Snap my fingers b*tches on me it's like I'm Fonzie
Need a b*tch that's 'bout her money like Bonny
I got shooters right beside me and more behind me
My two chains iceberg but you ain't gon' rob me
Make a gangsta lean pop him like a molly
We gon' leave him with the show, money and a body
Shout out my n*gga G-boy shout out to Dondi
Broski high as palm trees lookin' Chinese
Shout out to my fans I promise to keep it comin'
Same n*gga still strapped still reppin' dirty or nothin' man
I been sonning you n*ggas, I feel like I'm Mr. Drummond
Packin' heat just like an oven you n*ggas know how I'm comin'
Got that 30 and this 40 Nick Cannon how I be drummin'
I put n*ggas underground I feel like Harriet Tubman
Hope them angels watchin' over you and you real good at duckin'
Once I up that b*tch
I'm bussin' my n*gga ain't no discussion
40 bang 'em in the head boy that ain't no concussion
Keep that nina in the club I told Keisha to sneak the gun in
Get to fussin' and my girl gon' smoke him like David Ruffin and
Got you main b*tch on my woody so n*ggas know that I'm buzzin'
Puttin' di*k up in your women she feel it all in her stomach
While working 9 to 5s I'm piping her like I'm plumbin'
Talkin' sh*t ridin' clean sumthin' like a preacher
Black tints super keyed up with my heater
Steppin' out fresh as hell everyday it's Easter
Tell them haters move around like they f*ckin' lease up
High school gettin' head from my student teacher
Big shout out to Tina she was an eater
Boy there's level to this monster I feel like Frieza
Illest n*gga to ever come out a set of speakers
Everytime I drop a remix the rappers freeze up
b*tch I gotta feed my sons I won't ever ease up
Got a b*tch that got a friend say she wanna team up
Shawty always call me when she want that pus*y beat up
Ass fatter than Serena you shoulda seen her
Put that b*tch up on the wall y'all Mona Lisa
Then I laid her on her back while I had her feet up
She like when I f*ck her slow and when I speed up
All my haters in the bleachers get your cheese up
If you really doin' you then what you watching me for
Homie you don't wanna smoke you don't want no beef bruh
Slide on money like a Visa and get to squeezin'
Only aimin' at your windows glass cleaner
Cook a n*gga slide him in a box like a pizza
pus*y, catch a body then catch amnesia
Ain't no talkin' to the refs get your ass T'd up

[Hook - Dej Loaf]

[Bridge x2 - Montana of 300]
Ay let a n*gga try me, try me
I'm a kill his whole mothaf*ckin' family
I swear to god I ain't playin' with no body
Ask about me and my n*ggas b*tch we got them bodies

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