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Adventure Club

"First Love"

Forever in my mind, only you
Do you believe in love?
You're my first love, forever in my mind
Do you remember?

[Verse 1]
Perfection, seemed to be what we were blessed with
Thinking about what we would name our next kid
While we daydreamed about living decades together
Overusing words like "I'll love you forever"
Never, will I let you go, type of flow
Bonnie and Clyde on the drive through the open roads
Shotgunnin' blasting' my soul, finally felt at home
I should just be me, authentically, is what you showed
Bringing out my character, fake massacred
On stage, the role I played, living happier days
I relayed thoughts of beauty and pain
While you kept me calm by repeating my name
No more childhood shame
It's insane, the sanity I gained
From this puppy type of love that grew up into a Great Dane
Such a freight train, hauling away the baggage
From my fake days into the next phase

You're my first love, do you remember when we were in love?
Cause I remember
You're my first love, forever in my mind

[Verse 2]
It's a brand new day, but her memory remains
Lingering on, though I try to erase
Her face, her name, the childlike grace
It's a blessing and a curse that's regrettably stained
By my personal blame for playing a game
With only physical gains occupying my brain
Though I fly off in planes and travel the plains
The wonders of this world don't reach the same plane as this plain Jane
She deserves more than the 8th name, as I wander and chase fame
As I ponder and pave ways to re-right the wrongs of my history
It's a mystery to me as how she lays claim
To the inner parts of my membrane
Eternalized in my heart and my bed frame
She's the best strain, burning up the other dames
Will these dark clouds around ever fade?

You're my first love
Could you forgive me for all that I've done?
You're my first love, forever in my mind
I apologize

[Verse 3 / Outro]
I'm sorry for the way I treated you in the end
I destroyed the memory and story of two friends
You didn't do anything wrong, though I turned away the gifts you gave
Disrespecting a blessing in exchange, for what?
Superficial caressing, non-Bilblical undressing?
Now my mind is stressing from my lack of confession
So I put down in song this apology letter
Righting my wrongs in hopes that the future memories get better

I hope your future memories are better
Forever in my mind, only you

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