Wild Heart lyrics

Qu Wanting 曲婉婷

[Verse 1]
I'm selfish and selfless
Hopeful and helpless inside
All at the same time
It's beautiful
We're brave, but we're broken
We're fire and frozen and scarred
That's who we are
We're powerful (Oh)

Don't forget to breathe (Oh)
When the war has left you weak (Oh)

Paint the sky stars (Oh)
With your wild heart (Oh)
'Cause you are the universe, love so hard till it hurts
Even when everything's bursting apart
Paint the sky stars with your wild heart

[Verse 2]
We're fragile and fearless
Heroes and villains we are
So terrified
It's incredible
We try and we mess up, but that doesn't stop us instead
We start again
It's wonderful (Oh, oh)

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