Did It Happen lyrics

Matt Monro

Timeless time and endless days
The world around us standing still
Like photographs of deserted shafts
Or the statues left on distant hills

Two ghostly strands
In giant hands
We would walk together you and I
And the only word from the mocking bird was love

And on the words that Jesus said
We drank the wine we broke the bread
And as we did how it raised the lid
In a summers place that went on forever

Butterflies flew into our eyes
And they left the colours in our hair
While happiness came falling from a star

The sheer delight of endless light
What used to be a barren tree
Was growing flowers overnight
And scenting them with ecstasy

A cup of coffee from your hand
A gift of gold from summer camp
And did this really happen
Did it happen, did it happen
Was it fantasy

Swallows came and they flew away
As the early dust of autumn leaves
Were settling slow on the after glow
Of a lasting love that could never die
When suddenly on a timeless sea
How the glass that held us both together
Shattered and the whole damn thing went wrong

A thousand nights a thousand days
Our bitter fill time can't erase
The child we grew within us two
Will never know our golden days

He'll never walk or laugh and run
Into a field, a setting sun
And id this really happen
Did it happen, did it happen

Was it fantasy
It's a fantasy
Just a fantasy
It's a fantasy

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