Sarah’s Coming Home lyrics

Matt Monro

Sarah's coming home
There's a weary troubled road behind her
Sara's coming home
I don't know exactly how I'll find her

Much more worldly wise
Then when she went away I'm sure
Tomorrow she will rise
And have to face me here once more

Sarah's coming home
Who can know what fame will follow after
Last night on the phone
It had seemed that she had lost her laughter

Handled with some care
And given time to mend her past
Hеr world may shine again
And she may have no tеars to hide

I will try not to judge her too quickly
I will try to understand what's in her mind
I won't ask her for the moment where her heart is
I won't seek the part of her that can't be mine

Sarah's coming home
And that's all I really need to hear now
Sarah's coming home
And the future's looking very clear now

Yes, we may feel strange
With sudden silence now and then
But nothing's really changed
Since she will fill my life again

Sarah's coming home
Sarah's coming home

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