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"Hearing Us"

You hearing us? I'm asking n*gga are you hearing us?
You hearing us? I'm asking n*gga are you hearing us?

[Verse 1]
You hearing us? Tired of shouting, my voice feels very strenuous, I think about the few friends I have who are genuine
And then the fake friends, hmmph...they're many man
Yeah they're many man. Okay see
B-A-R-N-A-B A-S, that's me, wild gee
I got that rude voice, but I talk politely, unlike the,government, doing just the opposite and stealing twice the
Amount of sh*t that they need, they're fat pigs, with fat kids, on ice cream, and flashy devices, they buy with the money
We sweat for, or just, use the cash unwisely
Yeah I said it mister, come try me, yeah
I said it, come try me

Are You Hearing This
Are You Hearing This
Are You Hearing This

I'm talking to you mr president, yeah..
Mr president, just try to do sh*t for my benefit or
You ain't relevant, you ain't relevant

[Verse 2]
Democracy, hypocrisy are twins
Evil wins all the time, it's simple thing
Lets be honest cause we've been dreaming since, seeing things, saying
We'll be better like there's
A hope of changing anything, oh okay
He'll do this, they say, fake promises, again, exploiting us for, gain,all this sh*t, the same, recycled players, same game
f*cking us all, gangbang

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