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[Chorus: Iver$izzle!]
Focused on myself, left you, all alone now
Focused on myself
Had to leave you in the hometown
Focused on myself, left you, all alone now
Focused on myself
Had to leave you in the hometown

[Verse: Erekt]
I *censored* up
All this time
All my life
But then out of nowhere
You come at me with smite
So I turned you down
Left you in my hometown
Expecting you to move on
But then you sent something strong
You said, “I’m just waiting for you to realize your mistake“
*censored*, i realized it right after i made it
You said, “I realize you aren’t angry, you’re scared, but you gotta move on. You gotta be prepared.”
But i don’t ever want it to end like this
I don’t wanna end our relationship
You told me that I made you really happy and *censored*
But then you come up on me
And it ended instantly ended
Like this

[Outro Interlude: Iver$izzle!]
Got the Audi a beamer
Got a new girl might just leave her
Don’t need her
Brand new coupe, gotta be a two seater
Whole pack of wolves
You know sizzle the leader

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