"Sit Stay Roll Over (Live)"

[Verse 1]
They have unleashed the bloody flock
Fierce, black hounds are getting mad
I hear the beast behind my back
And stench comes from its maw
The baying of berserks with each right paw upraised
They're painted red in blood

[Chorus 1]
The march of curs to trample their own truth
To chase all crows of white
No breath for those who dare to disagree
One path, one past, one trust

[Verse 2]
Loyal dogs, unfailing tool
They do what they have been trained to
With the eidolons, the minds arе full
The evil ghosts of old
The еvil ghosts of old
Insanity turns back at last
As soon as their food is done
And dog will raven dog
The claws crush bones, the claws crush bones

Claws crush bones
Claws crush bones
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