Captain Clock (Live)


Okay, for one last time, scream for me

[Verse 1]
He keeps on moving his moustache
Gets you fussy, makes you rush
He's got no legs but he walks
He's got no mouth but talks
Tick tock, click clack
He pulls a trigger, pulls it back
My time, your time is under attack
We run on a circle track
A bossy three-handed man
Who gives me a triple slap in my face
Years of tension, a second of slack
He is so tiny but hard to embrace

From the top of the world he shows you
No respect, don't regret, we're screwed
If time is gold, wе are broke for good
Hopelеss beggars, dance to this beatific flute

[Verse 2]
By towers supported
On a human wrist resorting
There's no word "retired" for the soldier with the shoulder straps
Phlegmatic eyes dilated
Trickin' tick-tacktics underrated
Time to eat, time to sleep
Time to go back to your soil crib
Time to go back to your soil crib
Oh, what a mechanical miracle
Global dictator, massive superior
Like a winding toy that sits at the porch
This bull-headed boy
Is a watchman on the life-time verge
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