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"Keep It Real (Remix)"

(Verse 1 R-tis)
R-tis the lyrical art phase of jesus christ, play wit your mind inside like arcades livin in the dark age tryna bring in light
With my musical keys like im stereo typed and I bury the mic turn studio's to burial sites
And push the rock on it although that stops only the way it smell lifes a horror in the ring I come out well
Hotter than hell on each one I speak tongues like deacons when im preachin, so hold the bible close
I burn most behold the holy ghost n spit gasoline on phony folks turn your body Bologna roast or burn beedi's
I burn cd's for audio's so adios I leave em washed up like tsunami's bro
They say its no gain if its no pain well im propane inside yo veins like im cocaine
And drop bombs like Hussein im cosigned with no man you couldn't find a better man with seein eye dogs and no chains
But seein I with no change is strange like seein shaved pirates with gold chains
Blind pilots that move planes, pull strings on O.D rappers with mood swings
You didn't know im OD backwards I DO things (ha ha) jus keepin it real

(verse 2 Ironik)
Every verse of revelation read the scripture with hesitation, comin forth right with foresight final destination
Depicted n written im serving the sentence, life behind bars you can't f*ck with my lyrics
No conjugal visits your marginal lyrically, i've ghost written, paranormal activity, delivery is conjuring spirits
So in categorizing me for starters realize im of divine variety seated at the right hand of the father
Dear god please pardon my posture but i've gotten bored with my crown of thorns, bout to take the devil up on his offer
Forfeit the right in exchange for a mortal life my oath of sacrilege for happiness meant more to life
No Stacie Orrico im more of an oracle questioning me is rhetorical no answer for the rapture purgatory chapters
Give right of passage when I write a passage, so closed caption or a closed casket
Thats two c c's then I proceeds to askin either the message or lethal injection
Whats the answer...ironik n*gga
Inkjets keep it real, milkbone!

(verse 3 T-word)
(ha ha) sup..... My styles geographic as I travel through your ear waves, sunny boy has never bin sunny but I know its clear days
Coming to an end I was heaven sent with a pair of j's, sent to burn it and making money discerning my enemies is for certain
They never reveal the curtains, im curtis ready to jack son n know my actions might end me in a casket
But before the cast cuts me off I be on the piece that im peakin you see the reasons why n*ggas seem to be crack dealin
With mash feelins behind as a man dealin with crime the stars never align
Was it all by designs feelin theres nothin to find the same time so patient for makin the climb
Hopin that the devine see the plans that he devised knowing time as a teacher and n*ggas couldn't see me I could put it in a feature
I keep it real mutha f*cka i'll teach ya

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