Any Day Now / Oh Happy Day - Medley lyrics

Edwin Hawkins

Any day now
I will hear you say
Goodbye my love
And I'll be on my way
Oh my wild, beautiful bird
You will have flown, whoa
Any day now
I'll be all alone

(Oh, happy day)
Any day now (Oh, happy day)
When the clock strikes go (When Jesus washed)
You'll turn it off (Oh, when he washed)
Then my tears will flow
And the blue shadows will fall
All over town, whoa
Any day now (When Jesus washed)
Oh, any day now (Oh, when he washed)
He'll wash my sins away (Oh, happy day)
Away (Oh, happy day)
He taught me how
To wash
Fight and pray
Fight and pray
And live rejoicing every, everyday

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