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It Bites

"Send No Flowers"

Will I dream of roses or arches in towers?
Oh will they miss me, or send no flowers?
Send no flowers

On up the steps I will climb to my cloud
So far this firmament stupid and proud
Locking down, down, down, down
In this secret garden, I lie here for hours
Why are they statues and send no flowers?
Send no flowers

Now I'm here I feel lonely and small
Sad charcoal angel with so far to fall
Falling down, down, down, down

Tell me you'll miss me, I won't be forgotten
I give you my heart, now I'm at rock bottom
Send me flowers

Drifting away to some dark Spanish shore
I sing to you softly, allegro verdure
Let me down, down, down, down
La la la la la ...
You send no flowers, send no flowers

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